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Share Online Videos and Get Customers Engaged With Your Brand

The popularity of online video sites, such as YouTube, cannot be ignored. An astounding 4.5 million hours of YouTube videos are watched every day. Video marketing can be an effective form of online advertising, especially when paired with social media sharing. Though YouTube is the most popular, your brand has a variety of options for online video marketing. Vimeo, DailyMotion and Vine have all built strong communities that are ideal for online video marketing.

5 Reasons to Add Online Videos to Your Marketing Mix

  1. Videos let your brand’s personality shine.
    The versatility of the video format allows you to tailor your video to fit your brand’s specific needs. Whether your brand is serious, sophisticated, funny, or something else entirely, there’s a place for you!
  2. Videos allow you to engage with your customers.
    Getting your customers engaged with your brand encourages brand loyalty and recognition.
  3. Online videos offer an alternative to visitors who don’t want to read.
    Reading a lot of content can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Videos offer an alternative that’s easy and engaging.
  1. Videos are easily shared.
    Videos are easy to share on social media, extending your reach without additional work on your part! Your videos can even go viral.
  2. Videos can be search engine optimized.
    YouTube and other popular videos sites are search engine compatible. Optimizing your video title, description and other elements boost your search rankings.

How Eden Produces Effective Online Videos

Online videos are a complement to your other online marketing efforts, allowing you to have fun with your marketing while reaching out to customers in an engaging way. Though making a viral video isn’t a precise art, popular viral videos are typically:

  • Short in Length
  • Easy to Understand
  • Entertaining, Moving or Educational

Videos that are funny are most likely to turn into viral videos. Online videos that are moving or emotional also tend to be shared. Educational videos may get shared when people want to share something interesting or unique that they learned. No matter what type of content you choose to focus on, Eden’s online video production team helps your business create effective online videos that reach your audience and get your message across.

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