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Responsive Web Design Optimizes Your Website For All Devices

It is estimated that by 2016 there will be more than 2.6 billion mobile Internet users worldwide. Mobile optimization is becoming increasingly important as more people use their devices to surf the web. Responsive web design makes it easy for your mobile customers to see and buy your products or services, no matter when they visit your site. Responsive design automatically adjusts your brand’s layout for optimal viewing on any screen size.

5 Reasons to Adopt A Responsive Web Design

  1. It ensures your site is mobile optimized. Responsive web design automatically adjusts your web layout to make it simple for your customers to view, interact with, and make purchases from any device.
  2. It negates the need for a dedicated mobile site. With responsive design your business can serve mobile, tablet and desktop devices with a single backend database, so you only need to update and maintain one site.
  3. It ensures your website design is consistent. The look and style of your website is consistent across all devices. Responsive design simply adjusts the layout to the screen viewing it.
  1. It’s perfect for search engine optimization. All your optimized content is submitted to one backend, rather than omitting or duplicating content (which weakens your SEO) on your mobile site.
  2. Google’s experts recommend responsive web design. Google is a proponent of using responsive web design to make your website accessible on any device, without sacrificing SEO or design quality.

What Does a Responsive Web Design Look Like?

  • Desktop
    The desktop version of your website is the most content-heavy and includes more graphics, text and interactive features to contribute to overall user-experience.
  • Tablet
    A slightly more pared down version of your desktop site, your tablet web design includes much of the same content, slimmed down to fit on a smaller screen. Content is easily accessible in a few clicks, and buttons and text are often larger to compensate for a smaller screen.
  • Mobile
    The mobile web design is the most streamlined variation in a responsive web design. Its simplicity makes it efficient to load on mobile devices. This variation of your site features less text, large easy-to-tap buttons, as few tabs and links as possible, and places your content in a single column, so it’s easy for smart phone users to scroll through.